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Discussion in 'Enneagram' started by Lurk, Sep 2, 2017.

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  1. Lurk

    Lurk [ what ]

    Jan 13, 2017
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    The Enneagram helps me sort friends:

    Types 1, 2, 3: No rapport, so far. I scorn them as shallow; they think I'm a waste of space.
    Type 7: Eventually, I become boring, and they exhaust me. I like them, but I don't measure up.
    Type 4: You guys are rare gems. I do wish you would look beyond yourself more; navel-gazing and self-analysis can take up so much time better spent utilizing your considerable gifts in the (vast and exciting!) real world. And, yes, I know you think I'm harsh and dismissive of your feelings sometimes. You are right. I often feel drained around you and impatient with you. But one of your kind called me a Vulcan, so.....*mean face*
    Type 5: Oh wow. I have tremendous admiration for you guys, and we can chat about shared interests. Overall, we are awkward together; a weird competitive vibe is omnipresent. I can't relax.You are cool in my book, though. Not sure how you see me.
    Type 6: You guys make me feel safe and calm. You think I'm a spaz.
    Type 8: We tend to hit it off. I appreciate your energy and refreshing no-b.s. approach to life. If I ask you a question, you will actually give me an honest answer. I think that maybe you wish I wasn't so passive because you get tired of...well, being you.
    Type 9: I don't buy it. Everyone feels anger -- you aren't often assertive, you are passive-aggressive. Your mellow nature is a curse and a blessing. I don't know 'bout you. *squints* I'm too intense in your eyes.

    Share stuff about your Enneagram uses and experiences, whatever.
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  2. In the Wings

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    May 24, 2016
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    You know what I'm gonna ask now, right? :p

    But yeah, my experiences as of now...

    1: Generally cool as long as you maintain some space from them--they don't mind your disorder until it interrupts their order, I think, and it's pretty easy not to interrupt it. Until they're family of course, but y'know. Just don't get involved in work projects with them.
    2: I gave 2w1s a pass but they are now also somewhat disliked by me. They have a tendency to expect you to constantly feed into their self-image, and while I can't fault them too much for this because I do it too, the extent bothers me.
    3: My attitude's pretty much unchanged. I like them a lot--they expect to have to win you over, and they don't mind doing it (unlike 2s, hah). Generally their image-fixation is satisfied just by being perceived as a "worthy opponent", which is definitely a space I can fall into easily with someone.
    4: The 2w1 I'm referencing might be a 4. The only other possible 4 I know is equally likely to be 1 or even 2, so...not a lot of data to go on. But, they don't always show you their issues, so they're cool. They do have a little bit in common with 2s though.
    5: Hit-or-miss, and it's not always their fault. Sometimes I'm just not "on" and I can't handle them, or due to some other factor the way they explain things doesn't click with me and I can't follow them well enough. Other times my brain is working well (+shared interests) and they're great.
    6: Other possible place for 2w1. I'm not sure if I've met 6s, but I feel like I'd be irritated by them based on descriptions.
    7: Generally not in my circles. No biggie.
    8: Generally pretty cool, filled to the brim with experiences and thoughts they can share, and they're generally concrete enough that it makes sense. I admire at least one I know.
    9: Haven't really gotten enough of them together yet.
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