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The INFJ's Unusually Rich Inner Life

I have felt for many years that I am waiting to break out of my shell. I have the impression that there is a side of me that has not found it's way to the surface, but once it does, everything will change.

It's very validating for me to read that because that's exactly how I feel as well.
I was a really weird kid. I grew up in a rural area and got called "tree hugger" and "little hippie" because I was so emotionally attached to the local flora and fauna and would ask really profound philosophical questions you don't expect a 10yo boy to ask! My parents seriously though I was nuts. :D
Many of the INFJ type summaries I've read usually reference the INFJ's typically rich inner life. If your MBT is INFJ, what's your earliest recollection of having thoughts that weren't quite ordinary? I only ask because I remember thinking, at seven years old, that perhaps I was really the only person who actually existed and that everyone and everything else around me was a fiction in my head, manfactured as the construct for me to live in. Is that weird or do you guys have similar recollections as well? If so, post your earliest wierd/existential/extraordinary musings here! At least then I'll know I'm not (that) strange... :?

I thought about that too when I was young. It might be because it was a time when you realized you can feel the 'me' but observe the others. Kids of all types most likely feel that way. But our imaginative inner worlds allowed us to fashion things, direct plays with the neighbor kids, figure out the sneakiest way to steal fruit from a neighbor's back yard,etc.