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The importance of voice in attraction


A true lady
Aug 28, 2014
I was at a large, social gathering with my family a few days ago. I was so impressed with the variety of people from different countries and how everyone seemed so excited to be there. I was looking around, arm in arm with my SO, and noticed how beautiful some of the people were. One woman stood out because she was dressed in classic pieces and stood with her back so straight. I watched as she came closer and was mesmerized by her. Then, she opened her mouth and had the most obnoxious, high, loud, squeaky voice that it made me want to get away.

So, I began to wonder:

If you didn't like the sound of someone's voice, would that ever prevent you from wanting to get to know that person?

Would you continue to be attracted to someone if he/she had an annoying voice but everything else was amazing?

Have you had an experience where someone seemed to have it all but you couldn't bear the sound of his/her voice/laugh/etc.?
It depends on the tone or quality of their voice, and what we think it presumes about their personality. Someone can have a sexy voice but have a not so sexy personality. So, it's the combination that makes the difference. Someone can also get caught up in the attraction the voice, but fail to see or appreciate the person behind the voice. It's the same with physical appearance. If you judge someone by appearance only to miss out on something special because the focus is on one feature and not how they intersect with everything else about their personality.
Sort of Off Topic: I have somewhat always been worried that others find my tone much too nasal.
I generally don't notice vocal qualities in potential SOs until I've actually fallen for said person. After which, their natural voice generally becomes more attractive to me because their vocal features are part of part of who they are. Maybe I've yet to be with someone who had abnormal vocal features, but it's never been a problem in my past. :)
ive grown up around people with lovely speaking and singing voices, listening to music and playing piano for pleasure and as a discipline, and im sensitive to voice sounds.

its strange how people with horrendous voices always think that their voices are the most beautiful and drone or shriek on and on, oblivious to the discomfort of those around them with musical or sensitive ears.

often its so unbearable that im shoving my fingers into my ear canals. but it doesnt work and i have to run away as fast as i can before their hideous intonations grind my patience to dust.

ive found an excellent set of in-ear headphones to be very useful in public. i had a pair of westone universal monitors that i loved but i broke them and cant afford to replace them. i would also be interested to try noise canceling headphones, theres a set by bose that look pretty good.

in answer to your question, yes, a dreadful voice could prevent me from getting to know someone.
I'm not attracted to certain voices, like when people talk very quickly or have an unusually high/low voice. I might make some snap judgments about them, but it doesn't bother me enough to avoid the person -- it's just another quirk.