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THE best self-fulfilling book for me


Aug 19, 2008
Bonjour tout le monde de France

Well I've read a lot books in the self-improvement category because I've found some books that were amazingly powerful and fulfilling.

And among them, I found one that really gave me a key to understand myself, my past, the relationship with my family, my friends, my girlfriends, well I've understood my whole life.
It was like seeing a confused picture but then you put 3D-glasses on and all of a sudden the picture is crystal clear.

The book I talk about is "The introvert advantage"

It explains clearly what it is ti be an introvert.
Maybe some of you have already read it but for the others, I really advise that book. You'll understand yourself a lot more and above all, you'll be very proud to be an introvert in that extravert world.