The 100% Introverted Music Blog


I've not bothered with blogs much. I had one when I was much younger, a dream blog. I stopped posting when they all started coming true. But anyway, this shall be my new blog - about music mostly, as well as random insights into my INTJ life.

I'm into classical, minimalism, experimental, and using technology for music (not nec. 'electronic music' in the normal sense). Oh, and a bit of jazz.

I'll also post things about the Piano, Orchestration technique and links to my own new/old pieces and others.

I will most likely update once a week or so, unless I am too busy with my dissertation and whatnot...

...Okay, as a first quick post to this blog of mine...

Here is a 100 track playlist of Art Tatum - possibly the best jazz pianist of them all: -

There's some good s*** in there, yo.

Hope people like it. please love me ahem...