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Haha, I can't help it. Whenever I watch his videos I think "heee, such a widdle cutie".




Is he an INFJ?

I can't listen to his songs anymore. They put me into a coma.
after a while, the booming voice, loop music and unappealing lyrics hit you hard.

"Chooocolate raiinnnnn -blah blah blah blah- CHOCOLATTTE RAIIIN -Political statements, wow this really sucks-"
He does have other songs than Chocolate Rain.
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It's his voice.

All Barry White and Brittney Spears sound the same too.
Yup, don't listen to those artists. It's Chuck Schuldiner and Steve Perry for me.
He seems to be copying a bad Saturday night live skit to me. Can't really tell if he is serious or not. His music seems to lack any kind of soul or feeling. I could understand some one who agrees with what he sings about liking it. As for me I wish I would have never heard it. Now I have something else to get out of my head!
In that case...I suggest listening to Steve Perry. It's the solution to everything, doncha know?
I didn't know that 37 was greater than 15.
Interesting fact.