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Suggestion on how to decipher someone's MBTI personality type

Dec 4, 2017
I know it's not easy to guess someone's personality type based on only personal observations but I'd really appreciate if you could give any suggesstions or provide input to help me decipher her personality type. I think she is one of these types: ENTP, ENTJ, ENFJ, ENFP. These types differ from each other a lot and some of them even don't have a common trait but I jump from one to another and cannot decide which one would be more accurate. Her common reactions in daily interactions are like:

- Quiet analytical and likes to organize everything putting everything in order
- Even though she likes keeping everything simple, her life and she herself seems like a mess
- Not tidy environment
- Always jokes around and quite friendly and approachable with everyone, but from time to time very self-absorbed
- Highly intelligent and ambitious
- Complex personality, you cannot decide if she is rational or emotional
- If you stare deep into her eyes suddenly you start to feel that she is trying to cover her vulnerability and is fragile inside, funny side is only a mask
- likes philosophy
- sweet sense of humor
- grounded, visionary
- seems to live in another dimension :)
- successful in everything she does
- fluctuating slef-esteem
- prone to feel guilty about anything, not happy with herself and the outer world

I don't know why but whenever I'm speaking to her I cannot stop myself thinking about how much she suffers inside. Especially this feeling has sparked my interest in her, I want to hug and help her not to suffer anymore.

Thanks for your valuable input in advance.
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Sounds like an ENFP. If she is suffering, support her to help herself or to find her own inner personal strength. (Fi.) You can't be the rescuer and you won't be the one to fix anything or make it better. Let her do that herself and just be there for support and encouragement and friendship while she finds her answers; you can be like the Robin to her Batman lol. Help her to help herself.
What made you think she may be one of these types? Can you elaborate on each individually?

Edit: Sorry, this may require a long answer, but the types actually are quite different.