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Statistics and "Rarity"


Confused Mind

So from several sources, INFJ's make up anywhere from 1.46% to 7.11%:very rare to fairly common: Are there more INFJ's than we realize or do people want to be seen as special that they convince themselves that they are the rarest, distorting the statistics? Maybe statistics are unreliable in the first place so there is no need to take creedence in them? What do you people think about the supposed rarity of this type?
Introverts are less common, the world is about 75% E and 25% I. There are 16 types, half of which are E. To me it doesn't really matter which is the "most rare" and in fact it is probably constantly changing. If you dispersed all of the introvert types evenly INFJ would still only be about 3% of the population which is pretty darn small.
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