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Some composition I'm working on.


Jun 27, 2009
Wrote the MIDI instrumentation for this some months ago (February?), recently felt like trying to use VST softsynth and have it actually not sound like crap.
Dunno if I succeeded.

A friend told me it sounded like the opening title music to a crappy 80's military movie.
The perfect compliment; that's almost exactly what I was going for.

Any comments, feedback, or personal insults about me and my friends/family are all welcome and appreciated.
And for more BenW-related music, see this thread.
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It's good! Your friend is right, but more specifically it reminds me of the A-Team, during those scenes where they prepare to take down the bad guys by making a rocket launcher out of toilet paper rolls. :)
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Thanks for the post, chief. I appreciate it.
You a musician yourself?
Posting on your thread so you'll stop whining. ;)
Thanks for the post, chief. I appreciate it.
You a musician yourself?
I dabble in songwriting. It's maybe the one thing in life that comes really easily to me. I just don't have the technical know how to record anything, so it mostly stays in my head. I write the lyrics down though, to help remind me of the melody, but sometimes I just forget and it's lost forever.
It could sound like some 80's stuff. Not bad at all :).
First time listening through, I thought it needed some variation, now listening to it more than once I get some more details, which uncovers stuff in your composition i didn't catch first time.
Its cool.