Socionics and working relationships


Ok, so in my introductory thread, I mentioned that I'm personally interested in how MBTI plays a role in our professional lives. I got started looking at the intertype relations on Socionics and found that if you look at these descriptions through a non-romantic lens, that the same general principles seem to apply for the most part.

I dove into this because I recently got a new co-worker, and I work in a 2 person department. In a department this small, it can be a challenge to find balance in how engaged I am with what is going on with the other person. I'm 99% certain that she is an ENTJ. Socionics would define this as a relationship of semi-duality. Again, if only looked at through a non-romantic lens, there is still a lot that seems to ring true which I've bolded.

These are relations of deficient Duality. Semi-Duality partners usually have no problems in understanding each other or each other's objectives, at least when these objectives are only on paper. When it comes to fulfilling joint plans, partners often fail to co-operate (my add: not enough time working together to know about this). The extrovert partner hardly listens to the introvert, concentrating more on the sound of their own voice (my add: see potential for this, but too early to tell). However, the introvert partner does not get upset about this and they often seem to find a way to adapt to it. Semi-Duals usually have many topics for conversation and these conversations do not seem to be boring.

Semi-Duals, especially if they are different in gender, can show interest in each other, which is multiplied if in addition they find each other attractive. However, when they feel like they are half way to complete understanding, one of them usually does something, not deliberately of course, that ruins all established harmony putting the partners right back to where they started. This is how incomplete Duality manifests itself. (my add: this is stated more strongly than I would describe our interaction, but I've conducted myself with an awareness that engaging and distancing appropriately is an art that I will need to craft in this relationship).

Semi-Duality partners cannot stay upset with each other for a long time. After partners have calmed down, they attempt to get closer to each other again which unfortunately leads to another stumble. For the observer, these relations may seem really passionate and loving. Relations of Semi-Duality can be compared with the moth and the flame.

If not taken seriously, these relations can produce a little periodical shaking, keeping the partners "awake". Relations of Semi-Duality are also full of contrasts: from being happy to see partner again to sudden disappointment and bewilderment.

So, does anyone have any thoughts on using intertype relationship descriptions in ways other than evaluating a relationship with a significant other? Are there other good resources for developing professional relationships that anyone knows of, or does anyone have any personal stories to share on this topic?