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Six Degrees of Separation at 24HR Fitness


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Nov 17, 2015
Ever happen to you? No, smart aleck. Not at 24HR. Or has it? :)

I really needed to see Nick today. My brother from another mother. I am totally unaware of his schedule. Then blam I look up and there he is. Peculiar is the norm. In my conversation with him I am talking about and old friend I've been trying to contact Bob. Left him a voicemail about 2 days ago. Less than 30 minutes later guess who calls me? Bob. Yep. Perhaps we are all coalesced somehow. Apparently so. Could this be evidential? This is like the norm.

Whats your take? Our heart pulls others towards us? Any of you xNTx get that? Doubtful. Almost like science of the heart or soul, but its not. Lol. So many INFJisms. Gross. Later.