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Who would like to help me work on a radio station? It'd be based online, but I'd also like to broadcast locally around the world wherever someone has the capability, and laws allow.

I'm thinking of a program like the attached. Whichever timeslots are not taken up by volunteer DJ's would be preprogrammed.


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I could help with 'morning' in the weekends, but I'd prefer to just do one day because I need to focus on my university work too.

I've got only about 10gig music I think, but I have lot's of cd's which I haven't ripped though.
I listen to grunge, punk, metal, rock, classic rock, blues (if you think the Yardbirds and Eric Clapton are blues, I think more bluesrock though).
I also have lot's of poprock and punkrock.
Btw, would this eat my bandwidth? Because I only have 10gig a month.
This would decimate your bandwidth. If you want you could rip all your songs to .ogg format, and record your show into segments, so that you can upload them to me and I can play them from mine, or somewhere else.