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Shai Gar's Math Challenge 4

that's a rectangle.

the correct answer is "When it intersects a plane".
Not necessarily. An object can not have 5 sides exclusively. There must be 4 in order for there to be a 5th.
Hey, it's just Friendly Terrorism.

You know... Like Friendly Fire.
I get ya. It did strike a nerve though. Gotta watch out for those kinds of posts. That day still resonates with a lot of people here.
why is it always math? why can it be something easier?
but...but...but... when a pentagon intersects a plane, its a line segment, not an explosion!
If you want to get real technical, when a two dimensional object intersects another plane, it becomes 3 dimensional. So a pentagon would end up having more than 5 sides, not 4.
huh? We have a pentagon, a plane, and... what? Also, when three planes intersect, you get a point. If they're spread out enough to describe a 3D object, then they aren't all intersecting.
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