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[INFJ] save the world

Discussion in 'Save the World.' started by Miguel GT, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. Miguel GT

    Jan 17, 2012
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    INFJs have a lot in common we share many ideas to change the world ..... have a great advantage over other types of personalities and also many disadvantages .... we see the world differently each with a philosophy .... are the many rare .... I was proud to be a matter of due INFJs are rare and are different from the rest ..... because our capabilities at times suffer much at all ... but I think my concept we are so rare for a reason .... it is to change the world or as a matter of mysticism as many people say the truth ..... whatever the reason and a purpose that we have now .... INFJs see if all the world should unite as a society and working together with each other and supporting each other what we could win .... oh yes the world would change for the better ..... we would create new features humanity to a new era ... I know many of us think the same ... so why not join forces and help each other? and create a real purpose to be so rare? those interested can add me on facebook by the name of Miguel GT ... so we can exchange ideas and we can really stop being so introveridos and really part of something ....
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