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Sep 21, 2012
Hello All!

One of the most helpful nuggets of wisdom about INFJs I have learned is our need to retreat and recharge our batteries after socializing for a certain period of time. "Was That Really Me?" helped me recognize my shadow behavior and triggers for such. I do get overwhelmed and drained after a while of engaging with people.

But, how do I "effectively" recharge my batteries? I thought it was enough to simply retreat for a while. I would read Twitter, Facebook, blogs, play games, reply to e-mails, etc.

What I have discovered is that was not restful for me. Even watching movies, listening to music or "staying busy" did not do the trick. I noticed that when I take the time to process the events from my day, days, or week, I really get a boost. I did not catch that at first, but over time I notices a big difference in feeling refreshed rather than just staying busy away from people.

So, I actually recharge the best when I get away from people AND think about all that has gone on in my day or days.

Am I the only one that has found that to be true? Are there other ways you have found you have effectively recharged?

***I want to avoid damaging consequences of being acting out of my shadow for too long. Recognizing how to best take care of my needs can help me in that endeavor.***
" I thought it was enough to simply retreat for a while." well, yes. But this "a while" can take some time :) A week is surely never enough for me. Facebook, Twitter, etc. - just lose it if you can! I don't know about you but I couldn't be recharged this way. Maybe you have very very special people there, only super close ones to you, I don't know your situation. I personally strongly dislike Facebook&Co with all its statuses like "I'm so booooooored, help me I'm soooo bored" or "just visited a toilet"-kind of thing, or how someone separates and brutally rants about it to their 1000 "friends", going into the details you didn't want to hear and so on, and so on.
Spend some quality time, maybe read some really enjoyable books, go outdoors - this really helps me to get recharged! I don't know where you live, so I can't give an advice as to where to go but there must be some place nice(?) Maybe camping if you fancy or just regular walks. Lie on the grass/beach if your climate allows you. There are possibilities and your retreat time is the perfect time to explore yourself.
Thanks, Ada. I have concluded that if I need to recharge, then I need to unplug.
Facebook has been a pain. I have filtered as much as fb will allow, but it can still be a pain. Twitter has been okay because the people I follow typically post affirming messages and/or educational links.

I have been surprised how recharged I am after I have had time to chew on the events of the day or week. When I am bombarded with more information by watching TV, radio, online, etc. without ever processing, I do not feel rested.

Walks are cool. I just need time to turn down the noise. I was just curious what others did.

I like your ideas, Ada.
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well, so did I but it's impossible to make it all clean and neat. See, many people just nevermind it and are able to filter it. I'm not, I become overwhelmed! So for me it's better without it. I could never delete or block everyone I wanted: they would create drama, of course. There's no function to switch Messaging off. I also had some increadibly odd anonymous personas from my area. I wasn't anonymous and sometimes it creeped me out.
TV is another thing. If you can stay selective then there shouldn't be a problem. Ignorance can be a bliss lol For example, if I hadn't seen Justin Bieber in the morning newspaper I'd never know who he was Lol

I know some people who go to the monasteries on vacation. And they aren't religious by any stretch. The places tend to be beautiful, away from everything, very simple living, of course, very quiet. You'd spend your time at the lake, woods, etc.
I like to take a walk in a cemetery. Not reflecting about my own life and problems, but by wondering about all the people whose bodies are 6ft under. What was their life like? Why did the child die so young? How did that affect his/her parents? It makes all of my issues seem insignificant. I walk away feeling renewed. Cemeteries are incredibly peaceful places.
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Hi, I think that writing has helped me in the past with recharging. I also have noticed that maybe recharging comes easier to me than you, or maybe it is more intensely needed at a certain time. I will start to block out people mentally and be unable to pay attention to them if I have been socializing too much. I will literally start to retreat mentally and think and I can't even hear what happens around me sometimes. I found this to be an issue in school a lot, as well as within relationships. Anyway, writing always helps me, as well as listening to music (if I can find songs that properly relate to a situation that is irking me.) I think it is good to find comfort music, music that you kind of know every word to, that really speaks to you. Mine is Margot and the Nuclear So and So's and Camera Obscura. Anyway, best to you.
At school, I literally go hide behind a pile of books and, nap. But after that, I find I am extremely pumped for socialising and go find my peers.

But I guess this is not age-related to you ><
I'm pretty sure I was in my "ESTP mode" at least once a day during elementary school, only to come home and crash for a few hours.

Your post is very true. Looking back, we can find wisdom from what has transpired over previous days, and find strength in that new wisdom. Obsession for knowledge? That's you neglecting potential life lessons, don't miss out! Reflection and self-acceptance is the first step to quenching that thirst, that dream of repairing, or "saving the world." It starts with you, and the people around you. <3
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