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Dec 20, 2008
I had one on Thursday. I was getting ready for work and I suddenly knew that I would be getting a raise that day. I wasn't due for one and there wasn't any real reason why I should be getting one. I told my husband to 'mark my words' LOL but he thought it was just silliness.
At one point in the day I even knew without hearing or seeing that my boss was discussing my raise with her boss at that very moment. When we went outside later for a break she said, "Guess what?" Sure enough, I got a raise. I acted surprised and was grateful but it didn't surprise me one bit.
It was cool. Now I want a premonition about the lottery!
There was not one shred of guesswork, it was just bang! a fact laid in my head. Why I wonder would I have a premonition about that? It's not like I had to wait long. In the scheme of things that was just a baby premonition.
I used to be capable of such a thing, when I was much younger in elementary through middle, where that went I have no clue.
I get those from time to times (not referring to raises).

I can talk to my surroundings and it'll tell me what it wants. eg. I was working out what to do with my stairway as far as wainscotting goes. I ended up walking down my stairs, slowing down, and thinking/saying... okay.. what do you want? Design occurred to me. I hve to go upstairs and ask my front entry what it wants for a runner. I think I already know but it takes me grabbing a quiet solitary moment and focusing.
I've had one about my friends meeting The Used...about 30 seconds later her mum rang and confirmed that they did. I would've rather had the synchronous premonition than meet the band. :p

It'll probably never happen again though... ever since I've known about Ni it's like I've never been able to let my hunches flourish naturally/ just "be". It's the expectations-jinx.