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Plan your event!


May 23, 2017
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Be it your wedding, funeral, Bar/Bad Mizvah or any type of traditional huge event that celebrates you (and perhaps your SO).

Big or small, write down a whole organised plan or a small detail that you just thought of.

What's your choice event going to be like? What would your choice event have been like (i.e. in case you're already dead but still want to participate :p)?

Suggestions on my part:

1. My funeral is going to be a non-christian ceremony.

2. A wedding would be cool in which everyone wears white but the bride and groom.

A civil ceremony in a registry office. I'll wear a black dress. Only close friends and family invited. Which means it's going be a really small crowd.

He's not perfect - Bob Marley

I think three songs are usually allowed at a civil ceremony. Some ideas so far:

I still haven't found what I'm looking for - U2
Torn - Natalie Imbruglie
Gold Digger – Kanye West ft. Jamie Foxx

To be polite, I guess we'd better invite the guests to dinner and drinks afterwards. To keep costs low, I'll find a place where we can BYOB.

A simple service in a crematorium.

A parable on immortality - Henry Van Dyke
She is Gone - David Harkins

Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah
Bette Middler - The Rose
REM - Everybody Hurts

Canon in D to be played at the end as the curtains are closing.

Would like the ashes to be scattered in a forest or at sea. If that's too upsetting for my loved ones they could bury the ashes in a biodegradable urn.
(Wait lemme dust off my fantasy box, ok there...)

Mountain near a Lakeside, gloomy and chilly weather. There's a sizeable private cabin nearby for immediate family only. Every one in comfy clothes khaki and white. Beautiful colorful flowers in pastels and jewel colors. Reception is dinner on one long table, all very closest family and friends on it. Fairy lights surrounding everything. Food will be comfortable home cooked meals.


Up a hill is a solitary but beaming tree, but the hill itself is on a valley of shades of green surrounded by majestic mountains in shades of blue. People in casual khaki and white. The weather is sunny and breezy but chilly. A bit of my ashes will be dispersed over the hills and the rest of it into a small, shallow pit by the foot of the tree. I always tease I want it to be a Durian tree, but a cherry blossom tree would be nice too. There will be guitars and laughter and plenty of singing. I will be remembered for the funny memories.
Is there something traditional about poker for you?
A little confused with the question. Can you ask be more specific?
Lol you know I did miss the purpose of the thread. Sorry about that:grinning:. I removed it.
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A simple wedding ceremony in the forest in front of a big tree, which is decorated with flowers and whimsical fairy lights. The closest family and friends are only invited.

Not much decoration, since the location itself is so beautiful. Mostly white, some light pink and wildflowers. <3

Music in the wedding:
Instrumental version of "La Vie En Rose" with violin, harp and flute.

A simple ceremony as well, ashes would be buried in an urn.
Wedding: Beach, afternoon


Potential Dress:


Groom's suit:


-The Holy Bible - Song of Solomons 2 :m045:

At Last by Etta James
Lady by Kenny Rogers
Lovely Day by Bill Withers :)
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