Personality type, growth, and self image.


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I’ve been reading on Carl Jung’s introduction into self and the importance of dreams and symbols. I’ve kept in my heart a post that had to do with personality change and after pilgrimaging through my personal experience —which differs for each person due to environment, choice, and our flawed genetics as a conscious being.
Our personality isn’t subject to change. The idea behind type theory is in our subjectivity to our environment itself. Eg. Our culture, our religious preferences, gender expression vs sex, race, etc. this would throw off a balance between our self expression and social change. With neither being a problem, but to understand personal change for each facet of society or the individual. This means that our personal growth is the driving force behind what appears to be personality change, but to its core is growth itself.
If there’s one thing that I can argue for 16 personalities and the additive for “turbulence vs aggression” is in our openness to growth, change, or strength in the things we hold dear, or even the things we dislike about ourselves or find pride in. These things don’t affect our personality, though it’s hard to see a difference between the shadow of a person and the light that they wish to contribute. Finding the fight between the two of personal importance, yet of difficulty in sensitivity towards that environment or self perceived failure. Those shadow functions- or what some may call a cognitive dip- possess the very cognitive functions occurring underneath the ones that contribute to others and themselves in a social environment. Our need to see this in social environments in order to understand another’s standpoint, personal struggle as an imperfect individual of choice or environmental burden, goes to show our need for patience towards ourselves and to others. If this understanding was carried into our use of the mbti system, we can continue to become a growing individual and society.

Oh. Sorry about the absence btw. I’m sure it’s been a much calmer environment without.