Personal Poetries


Sometimes, I like to write poetries. It's another interesting way to investigate the mind.

Late one night I caught the glimpse of my true love's eyes
and I realized it was time to get to know who she truly is

I closed my eyes and I went inside, and my mind
became as the deep pool in the creek
reflecting the loveliness of the moon-light

But a part of my mind was still quite like
the rushing and gushing waterfall nearby
and I knew I would have to lose those thoughts as well
and as I did, I felt the freshness of raindrops on my skin
and I knew what she was like

Pure and fresh and new at every moment
and sweet and deep as the midnight sky

I felt a radiance within my heart and it grew so deep
that my heart was like a dam that just had to burst
and when it did, all boundaries were shattered

The love flowed up to my eyes and down my cheeks
and mingled with the rain and my
true love and I were twain,
but really still one and the same
and then I knew..
She to be, the entirety of
all reality
Beautiful imagery, mayflow! There's a lot of emotion there :)
As your vison wisens and your thoughts grow clear

What you know as bliss is without a shread of lie

Feeding back into your dreams; strengthening your convictions and opening your eyes

As each day passes you slowly manifest her into reality as she slowly pulls you into the fantasy.

I believe I understand what you mean mayflow.
@ Gloomy-Optimist. Thanks. If your mind could use the poem to help it create beautiful imagery, well that can be the beauty of interactive poetry.

@ Naxx. Yes I believe you do. Wonderful words. Did you write them yourself?
Yes, in response to your poem =)
Yes, in response to your poem =)

Well, thanks. Yes you seemed to be able to understand my poem very well and that was a great reply to do just on the fly. That isn't always easy to do. I sometimes have been able to do that in the past, but for some reason don't seem to have my muse just lately.
Being an INFP

Let my Heart fly free
Don't let it be bound by anything

Watch how a River flows
Watch the clouds up in the sky

These are not rare occurances
in reality

The name of the song is called:
Aurora Borealis

Music by "When Lightning Stikes"
and lyrics by "By my side"

Reality Girl sings the chorus.

Very pretty song!
(If a bit "otherworldly")

Yeah, don't worry, you don't need to understand, for
it is purely sililoquy

I am an Introvert, ok?
this is so lovely <3

Thank you! :-)


Father Sky
Mother Earth
Let me ask you
are all true hearts as one?

Is the lightning different
and should I fear it,
and run inside
when the rain begins to fall?

Father Sky
Mother Earth
Let me ask you
are all true hearts as one?

A very soft and beautiful voice
spoke from somewhere
in between the dream and the reality

"Yes, dear heart,
all true hearts are one."