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Partners in Crime - A Poem by an INFJ

Discussion in 'Psychology and MBTI' started by Naxx, Feb 9, 2009.

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    She wandered across the sands never knowing what she’ll find
    As her body was scrapped by the fierce dune storms
    She walked and walked for what felt like unending

    As time passed she hears the vague noise in the distant
    The noise ever slowly changes to short songs and those songs to beautiful pieces
    She’s filled with inspiration and begins to sing the song of her heart

    These were the warmest and most loving melodies
    The lonely desert has never felt, heard or experienced
    Like giving water to a thirsty flower, the desert begins to grow with life

    Days turned into month and months to years
    She finished her song as centuries passed from what seemed like minutes ago
    She wakes to a field of green with the skies purple and moon hanging above

    She’s filled with happiness as the fireflies of night dance around her
    She runs off into the field wrapped by the gentle breeze of spring
    Exhausted from joy she takes a moment to rest and sits on the ever soft grass

    Sitting down she sees strange dim lights in the distance and is oddly drawn to them
    She tells the night fires of her leave and gives the moon her goodbyes
    She takes one last breath and breathes the air around as she gets up and begins to walk

    She wanders into the forest never knowing what she’ll find

    I woke up this morning with a urge to write.

    This story was inspired by two women who I absolutely love.
    An Infj named Crystal and Entp named Leah.
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