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Of all things to come out of the chemistry circles into the mainstream...


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Sep 16, 2009
The Nanodragster

I have the original paper that was peer reviewed. I've shown it to my research advisor and several other faculty. Most think it was a thought that was formulated in a bar and someone took it seriously.

Now I may have a bias as I do try to follow the research being done but when a compound that the person who finally makes it says:

the synthesis of palau’amine has thus far eluded organic chemists despite the dozens of Ph.D. theses… Many well-founded and logical plans to secure the peculiar trans-5,5 core of [palau'amine] in our laboratory resulted in unfortunate outcomes

And the world doesn't bat an eye, something is wrong...

This is a more technical link but here is palau'amine

My reaction is: I want to get drunk knowing that one of the biggest jokes I've now seen in the chemistry field is what gets press
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I think that they should start holding the nano car olympics so that what ever figure of money they spent on this project pales in comparison to how much people will pay to watch a magnified speck of light move little more than a meter in a day.

All you need is the right marketing!
Heh, I don't care, it looks fucking stupid and has no application as it requires a gold surface to work on. Maybe a step towards nano machines but even then I don't like that idea to begin with.