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My intuition says we have some kind of connection, but I can't explain it!


Oct 9, 2008
I've known this guy for about five years now, and since I first met him I've always felt an attraction to him that I've never been able to explain (I mean, I remember everything about the exact MOMENT I met him with great detail). Every time I'm around him I get this strange feeling that there's something more than meets the eye going on between us, and I have absolutely no reason why! Even other people have noticed and acknowledged it. My intuition is telling me that we have a connection, but I have no idea what I want out of it (friendship, dating, or nothing at all). And he's made it pretty clear that he doesn't want anything to do with me in the romantic sense, so nothing has ever come out of it... but I can almost sense jealousy coming from him if I'm talking to other guys. I've also noticed that there are times that I hardly think of him at all, and then there are times when he's on my mind constantly. And during the times when he's constantly on my mind, he usually ends up sending me a text or something, like he's been thinking of me too. Trying to figure out the meaning of our unexplainable connection has been driving me crazy for years!

Have any other INFJ's experienced anything like this with another person?? If so, what did you do about it, or what came out of it?
It's called synchronicity. Happens to me all the time. Enjoy it :)
Wow, I never thought other people are experiencing these kind of things. Well, I am currently in that kind of situation although I have only known him for 2 years. He is an INFJ and I am not. Well at least both of our dominant function is Ni (Introverted iNtuition).

We do connect a lot and other people can sense that thing too. I have always been thinking of him. The most strange thing about that is like what you have mentioned, he also ends up sending me a text message. This happens most of the time, and especially during those times when I would finally accept that we are just friends and that he doesn't want a romantic relationship with me. Another thing that is surprising is that there are also moments when he would suddenly pop up in the same place which is very much unexpected.
Well from experience, had this same thing happen to me.

My biggest regret in life if that I didn't have the nerve to express my interest. Low self esteem, bad self image....whatever. I convinced myself that I wasn't good enough for him to be attracted to me as anything other than a friend.

Come to find out many years later that the feelings were mutual. And finding it out when there is no chance to try and make something of it. I had already moved too far on my own path and was unwilling to give up my dreams.

I often wonder what he is doing, and hope he is well. But there will always be that what if.

Take a chance and take the plunge. It might be the best decision you make. And if not, you still have learned something about yourself.
I get that feeling of "connection" pretty often... sometimes with people I don't even know.

Sorry if I creeped you out, girl at Walmart.
Thanks to everyone for sharing all your help, ideas, and experiences; I really appreciate it!

I did a little bit of research on synchronicity and now I'm completely fascinated by it; I can't believe I never heard of it before! I'm starting to notice it more and more often in my every day life; and it makes me smile every time it happens :)

And I am making small strides into expressing my interest in the guy, although it has been difficult for me. As an INFJ, my fear of rejection is at odds with my fear of one day living with regrets; so right now I'm just trying to balance the two and find a happy medium that makes me more comfortable with expressing my interest in him. It's frustrating, but I am taking your advice and going for it!

Thanks again everyone :roll: