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Mitochondrial DNA facts as we know them.

Do we fight in fear? Do we fight for desire? Is there nothing to fear? Shall we fear?

Do we think we are right? Why?
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When we dare to look inside ourselves, what do we see? Is there a smile in there? Is there a frown? Do we beckon to withhold patterns we see? Can we properly explain how we see? By what way is the light parted. Is it parted?

Do we not see the big dipper? Some may not be able to look upwards. Shall we lift their heads? Shall we lay them to where they can see? Shall we not hold those who are blind to see?

Do they care? Do we care? Are they able or not?

Refraction. Measuring the eye for clarity. Focus. Is this better, or maybe that. This or that? Sometimes corrective lenses are made. They are made to give clarity, if possible, for a person. Are they perfect? Can they be? We address the curvature of the what? Do we correct that made wrong? Do we give it anyway? Is money of concern? Is/are the patient's lense/ lenses more important than our money? Do we try to make them properly?

Are the patient's old lenses correct in the pupillary distance? Is there any prism? How much? Accepted tolerance used to be half what is accepted now. Some cannot accomodate with a half degree prism of vertical imbalace. This becomes important, training another's eye/eyes to try to accomodate that which is not accepted on the focal point.

Laziness or money? Drugs? Problem? We can call the optometrist. We can call the ophthalmologist. They may just tell the patient to try them for awhile. Some people have left with them on, immediately having a car/vehicle accident. People have different levels of reaction time. Try to read something through the eyewear. Then try to see something in the distance. Look with both eyes, then each eye. There are protectors out there.
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I hear you. I hear fighting and threats. Spend their money against them. We have had our money spent against us.
Time to share feelings. Share them, please, if you want.
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Look: it's April.

We fight for what we want, rather than what God wants.

Behold Israel: They stand against the fury of desire showing much restraint.

They are the wise. When tending a garden, it will grow into the woods. Do the woods fight it?

Bitter hate and desire drive those who want everything.

An island keepeth itself from the incoming tides, embracing the ocean.

We build islands of ourselves, for our own desires. Why can we not share what we have, instead of trying to force our way upon others? Do we wish to see a new island? There is One who builds and destroys waiting and watching. What for?
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Behold the majesty of the beaver. What is in his DNA? Happy Beaver Day.

Can anyone share this? Please allow it to be shared. Now.
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How difficult it is to keep one's mouth shut when another tries to speak: when another wishes to speak.

Allow the mind to accept another's speech. Help us to learn when to speak and when to shut up.

How difficult it is to listen to another when we have no one to talk with. They reach out to us with words, and our minds see. Yet, we blabber off at another.
Finish their sentences for them. Help us to allow another to speak, and when to listen. We try so much, but are not accustomed to hear others speak.
Help us, so we can better understand. We watch the deer under our feet. The squirrels look at us and we speak to them. It is not necessary. We hang our heads and are humbled.

Teach us to listen to the people, rather than tell them what they surely must already know. We are from the wilderness, and walk among beings made before us.
Where do we step? We must stand up and help others watch. The squirrel know when he is watched over. Why do we speak? They know. We ask forgiveness for our mechanized response.
Shall we not listen? They try to share with us and we do not listen to their own glory.

Who am I to speak?

I am quit and speak no more.
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Mind if I chime in?

You have the floor. If you have the time to share with us your knowledge, we gladly accept it. I have stepped away to the audience, and listen.
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There's Fred driving his car. Barney is playing golf. The family is watching TV. For many years, I have been trying to better understand what escapes most. I have been trying to see things most people do not see. All my senses are alive with vigor, but not all the time. I wonder how an eagle sees his prey from so far above. I want to see like this and better. I have seen what I understood at the moment as steps leading upward, somewhat circular, almost like DNA.

Maybe I was taken there? Maybe my eye looked beyond the seeable, stopped at a place, then stared further to another place. It was as if I was traveling faster than light, pausing for a look, then finding a small void to stare into years away in a moment. I saw, or was shown, things too great to talk about with Fred and Barney. Maybe they do not care to know?

Some things just must not be for just anyone. Many would never understand. Many do not care to. I have told specific people specific things over the years. Unknowingly, these things were not for them.

I feel there are many answers awaiting those who truthfully seek them. I have asked he who calls himself God questions with no answers. I have been all the way to the darkness and beyond. I wish to go further.

Those who read this, best of wishes to you and yours. What I have seen or have been shown is not for you.
Back to normality and earthly(such a broad scheme of thoughts), can we as a human race accept in our own minds such a simple yet complex means of walking backward step by step? Is it so mundane to somewhat label out findings with timeframes?

When I hunt big game, I use whatever I can to track down or backtrack my target. Trails, trail crossings, food, water, bedding, morning walks eventually ending in a bedding area, scat, tree rubs, ground scrapings, and so on.

With DNA, there are bound to be the overlooked or misunderstood. Stay on the trail, and come back to it at a better time,

There may be exceptions of the rules, but most life is not perfect. I had not known what it is like to be blind, had I not been so.

Washed some old stones and rocks I had dug up this afternoon. It was neat to watch the built up dirt and clay wash away. As I stand by a doorway peering back over the years, more dirt and clay is removed.

I may not find my happier moments yet, but it must get easier to trace or track diseases in a family. ; possibly, to a specific timeframe.

One thing I have learned in my searching: if I am trying to prove something, there seems to be someone somewhere trying to disprove my findings. Findings are just not meant for everyone, or at least not yet.

Please feel free to chime in, but please no copying of information without doing so in typing with references. I grow weary of going somewhere I do not trust.
Not long ago, I was someone seemed imaginary, as I was also aware of when it was and where I was at in reality. I had almost forgotten the glittering gold spiraling upward in forms almost like mtDNA: somewhat circular forms spiraling upward, or were they downward? I was traveling upward, so I will say upward. There were two ends of this, as it was a specified measurement. There were golden strands or threads making the spirals appear like enclosed steps, though continual and at a specific angle inside the strands. The strands and circular forms were all joined into one form, and were somewhat symbiotic of each other. I saw the figure at several levels of my travel upward, and it always appeared above and to my front-left at a distance. It was only the last time I saw it closer, as I was confronted by a form in almost black matted, though thin, wool.

There appeared two chairs, gold in color, but in a small 1" outline only without seats or backs. There were armrests of thin gold. They were there but sitting in darkness; one where the being and I were and one up above it. The figure in black was like unto a man from the facial figures I saw only. His lower lip moved and revealed fiery-red hot coals inside his mouth and eyes. I felt he was telling me to bow before him.

My beliefs had me to think of them, so I asked him his name. I cannot tell whether I was speaking or not, but I was communicating to him. I apologized because this did not fit my beliefs. Told him I bowed to no man and walked past him. I saw that resembled mixed DNA in gold as I walked. I thought of Jacob. When I moved my eyes away from the figure, I was caused to look down. I saw the being or spirit sitting in one of the chairs, and I was sitting about 15 or 20 feet above him in the other chair. There was darkness all around us and our chairs, except for the sight of what I now understand as DNA, which was in my mind that day and many before. I saw what I feel to be the importance of mtDNA to DNA itself. I feel the journey took me back to creation. I tried to go further, but felt the strength of being able to travel going away.

It may take a lifetime to reveal those seven or so hours that night. I reveal knowing what people may think, but was lead to reveal at least this much after reading something I cannot find right now, but will continue to look for its "gold appearance, as I saw gold.

I have been seeking a way to track creation, not try to analyze what was used for it, not try to grasp theories; I keep looking back in time. DNA stands before and above me. Theories are interesting to read and can lead to other thought, but I am not searching for theories. Please allow editing this. It is 5:30 AM. Goodnight, I hope.
The images are stepping stones. The truth and the love lie beyond all concepts and theories - even truth and love break down there because they are not enough
Please explain "not enough" in more depth, JohnK.

If life and love are truly at the beginning, and stand over all understood facts and theories we can know, it is my feeling the journey I was in had me looking for treasure. I traveled upward and away through spaces between stars or planets. The steps had me change direction more to the left. Feel I traveled to the ends of the known, and had me start moving upward when I saw this beautiful horizon of mountains in the distance. I thought to myself, "the mountains of God". I focused my right eye above and a bit beyond those mountains, and sped to the point in a moment. The speed I was traveling from one point to another was beyond human perception. Each time I stopped, I would look around me then find an opening in the distance and speed away there in a moment. Maybe it took this much speed to get me to the treasure, abstracted by thin sparkling gold. The treasure.

Maybe the treasure was in the darkness, unconceivable with the eyes? Maybe the treasure was the steps or DNA? Maybe the treasure is in the journey, itself. I could write this for a month or longer, going backward.

Eternity may not have a line called time on it. Maybe eternity has little to do with time at all. Time is something we understand in its presence and past, and theorize in its future. Maybe time travel is done in the spirit, though I sped into the past only. Maybe the speed of light has nothing to do with it at all.

Maybe if we seek the beginning with our hearts for most of a lifetime, we will be taken there to see by means we will have no comprehension of. Yes, life and love is always out there and always was, even before the beginning of this universe. Let thine right eye be single when traveling, as your focus and guide. No need to close the left, just focus only with the right. If you don't have a right eye, I am certain other arrangements will be made for you. I may step further into this with help from others.

Need to say I had been taken from using clonazepam for a few weeks. At PT, they always ended with a machine that would like electrify you. I had tested wide open full throttle, and could feel almost like a tenz unit in my feet during the day a few times. Last time I went, asked her to stay a minute. She turned it to about half power, told her to go up a little, we went up a little again, and was at full capacity for four minutes. Wanted to see if I could handle it or if it would help. The next day I had an epidural in the neck near C6 or C7. That night was when this happened.

This thread is open to positive discussion. Sorry I didn't just write a book.
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Please explain "not enough" in more depth, JohnK.
It's that, at least for me, words are a double-edged sword. As long as their meaning lies in front of me on what is the right road of life for me, then they are powerful and essential guides. If it lies behind me though then following the words means retracing my steps in the wrong direction. They are like signposts, rather than destinations, and like all signposts they have to be left behind at some point. That's because the deepest things are greater than can be captured and bundled into any form of words.
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A day later I had am appointment set up to see my regular physician, per chance. I was having problems keeping my eyes still: mostly the right. He was checking me out after three epidurals, absence of clonazepam, and regular check-up. They rushed me back and did a head scan, but I couldn't hold still. They said it would do for now. Wrote me an RX for clonazepam. Last night is the first time in weeks I slept 7 hours at night straight through.
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Klonopin/clonazepam is a slow-falling heavy hammer that crushes you before you are mashed into the soft, fertile loam of the earth.

Thank goodness such tools are available, but be careful, because when you're not looking, that hammer morphs into a dull scalpel.

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Coals are on my mind. They have been for several days. Today, I searched Jeremiah for a cleansing coal I remember. Started reading chapter 8.

20 The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.

21 For the hurt of the daughter of my people am I hurt; I am black; astonishment hath taken hold on me.

22 Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered?

After reading some in Jeremiah, I was moved to Isaiah. In the sixth chapter, I found what I had said to God in Prayer after reading it the first time. I have said it time and again.

5 Then said I, Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts.

6 Then flew one of the seraphims unto me, having a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar:

7 And he laid it upon my mouth, and said, Lo, this hath touched thy lips; and thine iniquity is taken away, and thy sin purged.

8 Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.

9 And he said, Go, and tell this people, Hear ye indeed, but understand not; and see ye indeed, but perceive not.

10 Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and convert, and be healed.

Could it be I faced an indignant God, being He was as black wool? I would not bow because I have never seen an indignant God. Yet, through the three holes in the figure of a face covered with what could have been black sackcloth, He showed me His mouth and He showed me His eyes? Maybe He was the Altar of God? I saw no eyes: only live burning hot coals inside the holes. I saw no tongue or teeth, only the burning hot coals moving inside the head.

The appearance of the burning hot coals seemed to be all in the midst of the figure in slow motion. It was as if the entire spirit inside the wool-like covering was everything that had been purged by the hot coals. His Spirit, His mind, His heart and soul, all knowledge and all wisdom, all understanding was in the burning hot coals from the beginning and before. Had I chastised God, so He would appear indignant? Had I refused to bow before all I ever knew. He allowed me to understand myself being in the other chair. Had I found: no, had I been shown the treasures from the maps of God? I cannot help but to wonder what I appeared like. Who am I to ask? Why does it matter?

I am thankful this happened. It turns my eyes back closer to where they should be looking, if nothing else. It also helps to explain the darkish redness I saw early on the journey in the first two or many more places I had stopped. I remember questioning where I was with no answer. Eventually, it passed. Later, the coals in the spirit were much brighter and more fiery than the dark redness.

I remember seeing that darker red with dark skies covering the earth in places: many places, before being taken through the stars and moons. It was as if I was causing it. I would say or think "Boom" every time a target would get hit, and the redness would become more intense, showing a structure below which I thought was hell or the earth. In the dim red light, it was as if everything below was in turmoil.
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I am thankful this happened. It turns my eyes back closer to where they should be looking, if nothing else. It also helps to explain the darkish redness I saw early on the journey in the first two or many more places I had stopped. I remember questioning where I was with no answer. Eventually, it passed. Later, the coals in the spirit were much brighter and more fiery than the dark redness.

I remember seeing that darker red with dark skies covering the earth in places: many places, before being taken through the stars and moons. It was as if I was causing it. I would say or think "Boom" every time a target would get hit, and the redness would become more intense, showing a structure below which I thought was hell or the earth. In the dim red light, it was as if everything below was in turmoil.

Today, my wife and I figured the dark red started two or three days earlier. I was saying "Boom" every time one would hit earth. Think I remember it started while on Google Earth Pro. Think I remember I was destroying targets in my mind and practicing which targets to hit and in what order. Later, I was watching a movie with her, and every time a target would get hit I would go "Boom". She asked me why I was saying Boom so much and wished I would stop it. The next day, I remember they announced the new mascot for a college and his name was Boom. What a coincidence. I am hearing fireworks outside right now and it helped remembering this. Lasted a few days. This was all before the epidural. All before traveling that one night. It all may have started the week before Easter sometime, and I think the journey may have been on Good Friday. I was outside early in the darkness of morning. The journey may have been the next night.

Stop. I had been looking into my ancestors for weeks, and seeking why an island with my last name had been changed around Civil War era or before. Think I was taken all the way back and shown where I had come from.
It seems many people want to look into the future, which is fine. Looking into the past, we study and dissect what made things the way they are. This can produce positive avenues to better understand subjects that may seem too large for us to swallow.

Many of our characteristics come from before us. Many are passed down to us from past family lines, and we can travel into the past much easier than we may have thought.

copied, Mitochondria: At the crossroads between mechanobiology and cell metabolism. Catherine Villard and Jean-Baptiste Manneville contributed equally to this work.

Mitochondria possess their own DNA (mtDNA) and are limited by an inner membrane and an outer membrane. The outer mitochondrial membrane acts both as a protective physical barrier and an exchange interface by allowing the selective diffusion of preproteins, small hydrophilic metabolites and ions. The presence of specific transporters in the outer mitochondrial membrane ensures metabolite exchange between the intermembrane space and the cytosol (Becker & Wagner, 2018). The outer mitochondrial membrane also contains large quantities of porins, integral membrane proteins allowing the diffusion of small molecules. In contrast, the inner mitochondrial membrane, which encloses a space containing mtDNA, ribosomes and various soluble compounds (e.g. enzymes, small organic molecules…) named the matrix, is highly impermeable, even to small metabolites.
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School is out for fall and winter. No more but forum rules here. My goal is to find details surrounding our innermost past through DNA and mtDNA. Why? Was possibly hoping for help.

If they can be matched to a person, and to their family before them? Makes me wish to be able to try and change the future of a bad family line by manipulation of the present. Cancers and such that keep returning over the cycle of life maybe can be cured by replacing such bad DNA with good DNA. I do admit, I do not have a clue if this can be done now or later, but sounds "to me" like a much better investment than artificial intelligence. Just wishing. Any comments are welcome. I expect to hear, "Told you he was crazy."

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As with human nature, people might take something very good and make something for harm or pleasure, giving such abilities a high risk for the scientists to try and control. If a cure for cancer could be found, it may well stay hidden from those who would use it wrongly. I find then, when I seek to do good, evil is present around me. Should we even be looking that far down the road? I say it is a great responsibility to do so. How can we allow that which is bad to destroy something good before it were ever used? It is a shame to even think like that, yet reality isn't always gold on both sides of the coin.
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