M.R.James, Algernon Blackwood, Lefanu


Has anyone read any of these authors ?

I know this is a long shot, because the art of the short story has sadly fallen out of fashion. Even though the genre that these authors wrote is unfortunately titled "Ghost stories," these men RARELY mentioned ghosts.

What I love about these three authors is how they are all able to write horror stories in a *subtle way* that is still able to have a profound effect on you psychologically. I know that the stories by these men have colored my dreams, even the way I perceived the rest of my day, and I'm sure they've had a permanent effect on the way I view the human mind.

Are there any other authors that do this kind of subtle but deep, psychological horror OR ......

can you please mention some other stories/novels that would have the kind of subtle but profound horror that these authors do ?

If you think H.P. Lovecraft fits in with these authors, then you have misunderstood them. (I love Lovecraft, but he is often not as subtle as the three authors I mentioned, and that subtlety is key)

P.S. The modern day slasher genre is a joke , and shouldn't be called scary.
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I'd put William Diehl in there too. Have you read his Martin Vail series? The first book gave me nightmares.