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longer the relationship the less he sees me


Jun 7, 2009
we used to see each other every or every other day in the begining the relationship. now we only see eachother once a week. we've been together for over 3 years and he should spend more time with me and maybe even think about living together but he decided to see me less.
i don't know what's the problem. something is going on with him. i can only guess his reasons since he's very private and it's hard for him to talk about it.
so i ask you guys infjs what is going on in his mind? are we drifting apart? can i do something about it? why would a male infj act that way?
I think he might just be stressed out about something. There are many reasons why a person could act that way. I wouldn't worry to much about it. Be calm.
There're a lot of things that could compel him to do that...the best way to find out would be to talk to him about it. It could be disastrous to assume.
Is he still affectionate? When you do see each other does he seem happy? The others are right, it could be one of any number or any combination of things.