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Shai Gar

I'm going to take this news Item from four links from the top on a google search of the name.

As a tribute to Liam Gill, at Anfield and Goodison Park this weekend there shall be a minute’s laughter.

What's black and doesn't work ?
Liam Gill.

Electric railway lines, 21st century natural selection.

People who leave tributes for their friend on a sick joke website, must be sicker than the joke posters themselves.

Liam Gills parents where inconsolable at a press conference today.
His Mother sobbed "How will we manage without his his family allowance?

You know what they say, once you go black...
You wont touch a 25,000 volt wire again...

If you type in Liam Gill on Google, Sickipedia is the fourth most relevant site.
Who says we don't care.

Mummy, Mummy I'm bored.
Oh Go play with your train set Liam.

Liam Gill's parents have decided against a cremation and have instead opted for a burial.
I think it might be a bit late to earth him now though.

I find it strange that Liam Gill’s friends would visit a site in the knowledge they’ll be hurt by what’s there.
Then again, that’s exactly what Liam did.

Liam Gill...
Last of the Great Train Robbers.

I guess you could say Liam Gill got the ultimate grounding.

I thought scousers could hop on trains without the charge.
Little too much time on your hands today? lol