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Nov 15, 2008
Hi people.I used to watch Smallville and I often had impression, that Asian Lana Lang played by Kristin Kreuk is some kind of unhealthy INFJ. Do you have similar point of view?
i loveeeee kristin kreuk!!!!!!

she's really pretty and nice!!!

i don't know her type though and i didn't seem to notice that..

maybe because i don't watch it always.....
I don't know, she's probably an ESTP, or maybe just the Lana character is supposed to be.
What he said^
I never liked Lana Lang.

To be fair, I never liked any of the Superman women. None of them seemed to be terribly deep characters.
They aren't. I know, I'm a huge fan of the mythology.
At least the women in Bruces life are deep characters.

If by deep you mean mysterious and complex, yes. Supermans woman tend to be what they are on the surface, which isn't a bad thing, as his stories rarely call for it, and really theres not much you can hide from a guy who can see through walls and hear butterfly's flying in china.
That doesn't mean much. Superman respects peoples privacy. And just because he could find things out, doesn't mean they shouldn't be complex people.

Also, leslie is also what she appears to be on the surface, but she's a complex person too.
Leslie the doctor? Also he may respect peoples privacy, but if it gets in the way of doing his job, he will use the gifts he was given to get to the bottom of things. He is an investigative reporter after all, and you'd have to be pretty daft to believe anyone with his abilities hasn't used them before.
Yes, he did. Don't you remember that whole conversation we had about a while ago on Skype about In most Superman/Batman teamup the first thing to usually happen is that he scans under Batmans cowl.

It was that day that you posted a request for a comic about the first meetup between the two on /co/
Except I found the IN CANON story about it. He didn't look under the cowl until bruce let him.