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Shai Gar

I have fallen in love with her.
I commit completely senseless violence just to her those lips caress the words; "Are psychotic urges all that drive you?"

I would like to see KotOR3, the prequel where she is the protagonist Jedi Master/Lady of the Sith who is wandering the galaxy on her own terms, having to keep her sith activities silent from the counsel who call upon her for tasks that need it...

She'd be able to play the role of questionable Dark Lady Jedi Master (similar to the one who occasionally counseled Yoda), and setting up the "Lady of Betrayal" guise she'd later call upon. Ending it with her being severed from the force either by the counsel or her Sith disciples depending on the path you choose to take it...

They could finally fix all the problems of KotOR's mechanics, and start her off as an incredibly powerful Master in a world full of Jedi Masters and a few stealthy Sith. It's assumed that you have more freedom and difficulty going through the levels, but I think you'd have more difficulties at the top.

Could also be an interesting way of introducing the expanded galaxy and rim planets. Give her her own hidden palace or star ship. A political thriller where she's manipulating jedi, sith, and the republic alike. She's also the one who trained Revan and Malak...
I like her to. Something about her cryptically talking you down regardless of what you do and then her complete ownage of the jedi council...whats not to like?

Of course when it comes to video games I'm masochistic and thrive on abuse.
I thought you wanted to kill her bro.
She's clearly just another Palpatine.