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Just did the test and am pleasantly surprised!


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Oct 7, 2008
Hello there,
I just did the Myers-Brigg test and came out as INFJ. I do a lot of personality tests when I'm bored. Does that make me narcisstic do you think? Never mind. Anyway, I always come out as creative and analytical. They're usually slightly true but feel like horoscopes (I can identify with the vague outlines they provide). When I did the Myers Brigg test I was really impressed! It came out with not only my creative side and my perfectionism and desire to achieve, but the sorts of contradictions I have in my personality too! Like that I like things to be organised but tend to be messy! What they mean is, I make tons of lists and think deeply about things (particularly the future) but can't seem to organise my external world. They even picked up on my physcial reaction to stress. I get ill. A lot. I get physically ill under stress. This can either be stress response (depression, anxiety - I'm good at these things!) or a cold or flu I just can't get rid of.

Anyone else feel special that INFJ is the rarest type?

Just wondering. Presuming the test is right and we are all INFJs. How does everybody get on socially? The test said INFJs are usually quite popular but I've always been unpopular. People get the wrong end of the stick. I'm friendly to everyone but people think I'm weird or different. It's been this way since I was four years old. There are certains types of people that are instantly attracted to me. I make friends easily in certain situations (and among certain types) but I am working in a sales environment at the moment as an administrator (not my choice, I'm a writer but I write for free at the moment to get experience). People don't seem to like me too much there. Like most other people they just seem to get the wrong end of the stick about me! They're all extroverts of course but I tend to sit quiet and do my work. I'm not shy. I'm just not that interested in knowing some people. I don't mean it in a nasty way. And I certainly don't show my disinterest! But I tend to make snap decisions about people's characters when I meet them. And then I just can't get those first instincts out of my mind. I always seem to find people's flaws. And when I say flaws. What I usually see is the way they think or feel about others. The types of relationships they have with others. And their motives behind it. I also have incredible gay dar! I'm always right! Haha!

Anybody else feel frequently misunderstood? My friends tell me I'm full of contradictions. One friend jokes that I'm dead inside because I tend not to share. To others I don't seem to feel. I do, I just don't want to talk about it. Apart from with a few people. I have two friends and a lot of other people who like me. I like them too. But I don't tend to share deep relationships with more than a couple of people at a time. It just takes a long time to get to know me. So my friends are mostly pretty intuitive and have the patience. My best friend for 11 years tells me she can always see the "core" of me. No matter what's going on (I was severely depressed at one point and changed quite a bit) she said she could see my good intentions and how afraid I was to hurt others. And so she could like me no matter what insane things I did! Isn't that nice?

Anyway! I want to know if you guys (if you got through this ridiculously long post!) can recognise yourselves in all of that! And do you get obsessed with the intuitive side? I spend a lot of my time thinking about other people and feeling like I know everything about them through the pictures they put on facebook (and, more significantly, the ones they don't!) or the way they speak or look at me and other people. Even the way they hold themselves or the volume of their voice. Everything. But I always think I'm fooling myself into thinking I'm some kind of a prophet! Haha!
If you browse around the forum, you'll find that a lot of your questions and observations are covered in individual threads and ongoing discussions :)

I think it's always kind of exciting when we first find out we fit a "profile", especially when prior to that we had assumed we were different and/or strange.

I'm new here too, and there's plenty to keep me busy reading, and inspire me to post.
Oh me too. I could write all day, it's my favorite form of communication. I just also love to read what everybody else is writing, too. It kind of focuses my writing, especially here where I read so many conversations I'm excited to participate in :becky:
First off... :welcome:

I have to say that I am relieve to find out that I am not going crazy as well recently.
Love the name and welcome to the forum! I'm in a rush and was just able to skim your post but yes! - relate to a lot of what you are saying!
It's a funny feeling isn't it when you suddenly realise there are others like you?