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Introversion is problematic

I see. These are legitimate reasons, I suppose, because you've directly suffered the harm caused by certain approaches towards life.

But nonetheless what you're objecting to here isn't 'introversion', as such, but something else. I'm not sure what you'd call it, but it has very little to do with introversion proper and more to do with something more antisocial, paranoid even.
That's very insightful, actually. I think that paranoid people, or rather people who suffer from paranoia, become very socially withdrawn and isolated.

This is an important distinction to make about introversion that to be introverted DOES NOT make introverted people paranoid, but almost all paranoid people would identify as introverted because their distrust of others and lack of ability to bond makes them self isolate and project bad intentions onto other people.

The level of paranoia in my family was crazy. Thanks for that insight it's very helpful.
The thing is I'm not even an outgoing person. I've been so deeply traumatized that I'm terrified of people and I'll never know what I would have been like if that hadn't happened. I could either accept that fear and live the type of life my family lived or challenge it. So I've challenged it. I am not more comfortable that way at all. I don't enjoy it. But it's better than the alternative outcome. That's what I'm trying to say is that sometimes what we like and think is comfortable for us actually won't help us at all, and people who just lean into it and don't like the outcome, think somehow it should be different, they are jokes.

If you want to be a certain way, accept the consequences of that. If you don't like the consequences you need to take different actions, even if it is uncomfortable or not what comes naturally to you.

Beautiful @slant, my opinion, you don't need to know what you would be like if those traumatic experiences never happened, just continue doing as you are doing, because the "you" who rises and challenges arose from the soil of those initial experiences. Despair not your beginnings or your fear, because the pain and suffering they bring are the agents that are helping you become the one who is willing to do what is unpleasant and uncomfortable to achieve a more noble way of being.