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INFJ + INFP (friendship)


Sep 28, 2008
My best friend in the entire world is an INFJ. I don't know what I would do without him.

Where to start with the similarities? INFJs and INFPs both have those "gut feelings" that are generally right about people. Both types have opposite functions, INFJs having Ni and Fe while INFPs have Fi and Ne. So. With these differences, the INFJ and INFP fill the missing roles for each other, making the two fully realize their feeling function and intuitive functions. Both the INFP and INFJ are great listeners, so if either of them have any issues in this relationship they will most likely be able to work out any issues they have. Both the INFJ and INFP like solitude, and are generally interested in peace, quiet, and thinking to the future. This makes conversations always interesting and never dull for us.

The only things that could possibly go bad in this relationship is the fact that the INFP is easily offended by negative feelings, thinking that they were directed toward them. The INFJ can get random, short outbursts of anger. At first when I was friends with him, I had no idea why he was so angry sometimes and it deeply disturbed me. But, I have learned to cope with this and I understand that it is just natural.

The INFP benefits from a lot in this relationship. INFJs are very understanding and generally accepting, and INFPs can be "weird" and socially awkward and feel depressed (sometimes) and misunderstood. This means that the INFP will feel right at home with the INFJ because of this aura of understanding that comes from them.

The INFJ also benefits a lot from this relationship. As far as I know you guys have a general fear of rejection, and the INFP is all accepting. So you will never have to worry about an INFP that is your friend leaving you for no reason. You guys also seem to get very angry for very short amounts of time. INFPs are great listeners, and will reassure you about whatever you are angry about. The INFP can be spontaneous, making the INFJ go out and do things. An example is how I called my friend on his day off, asking him to come hang out with me when he had a planned day of solitude. He accepted it kind of like it was a chore at first, but then realized how great it was to have spent the day with me rather than alone.
:mlove:INFPs. <3

Then again, I might be an INFP, in which case,
:mlove: INFJs!
I actually found out yesterday that my best friend is an INFP. He and I got to know each other in HS. At first our relationship was pretty plain. When he went to USA during my junior year we got close, I got tons of letters from that year:).
Like Blackcat said, we can sit quiet for a while, contemplating about some issue without feeling uncomfortable and our discussions never get boring:). I always feel an urge to find a meaning with what I'm doing. Chattering about everyday stuff all the time literally drives me crazy and I think he also feels that so talking about deeper stuff doesnt feel awkward at all.
I am somewhat of a negotiator, trying to see the situation objectively. This sometimes makes me alienated from certain friends who dont understand why I'm not with them. To have an loyal, caring INFP to support one's back is great in these situations.
Reading this put a big smile on my face! A good part of my closest friends are INFPs. I actually seem to know more INFPs than any other type, surprisingly enough. :hug: