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In need of a career change!!


Oct 9, 2008
I just graduated from college in May and began my career as a staff accountant with a medium-sized CPA firm in July. In college, I was the typical perfectionist-overachiever INFJ, so I have a dual degree in Accounting & Spanish with a minor in Mathematics. Now that I'm in the workforce, I'm realizing that maybe public accounting isn't the right career for me! I think I would like to have a career where I actually make a difference in other peoples' lives, instead of just sitting in a desk all day to collect a paycheck! I wish I could do something more meaningful with the concentrations I majored in, but I'm not opposed to going back to school. I'm just not sure exactly what I would like to do, though!

As an INFJ, what have you chosen as a career and why do you recommend it, what do you like about it, what are the pros/cons, etc.?? Any real-world advice from people with a personality similar to mine will be greatly appreciated! :tongue1: