Identity Scripts


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This topic is one lectured about in my Interpersonal Communication class.
The gist is that our self-concept forms first from our environment, the way we are responded to and treated as babies until we grow a bit older... "The Self arises in communication with others."

That said, Identity Scripts are those current themes that are reinforced again and again by families or caregivers.. As children, these things are unconsciously internalized and help us to identify our roles or values. They can be negative or positive, destructive or empowering..

My professor gave the example that in her family, her parents always told her, "We are not quitters." Her parents never let her quit sports she was involved in until the season was done.. etc. etc. She said when she was in grad school, she wanted to quit because she thought she couldn't make it through... but the script of, "We never quit!" kept popping into her head and prodding her on, and she finished her program. Obviously, this is a positive and empowering example of one.

Can you think of any identity scripts you were given as a child that you still identify with today? Were they positive or negative and can you identify if you are still affected by them? How does it manifest in your communication and relationships?