Head or Heart?


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Which do you think with? I think I am a very marginal F because I value tact over truth and I can become very concerned (over concerned?) with the way others are feeling and the way they feel about me. But by the same token I like to think with my head. I don't know if it's something I do naturally (possibly not...) but I don't value feelings when it comes to decision making. I value foresight and analysis much more. Hence why I am marginal. I don't trust the heart not to be fickle or to lead me astray.

Now you...how about you? :-)
We all think with our heads.

Decisions are based off of the heart, we decide what's best in relation with our and other people feelings.
i have a heart of hold covered in an inch of ice. I only refer to it when absolutely necessary.
I use both, I think. I tend to be sensitive about other people's feelings, and don't like it when other people are hurt or angry. On the other hand, I often try to ignore emotional reasons when making decisions. I don't know if that's learned or not- it was definitely encouraged throughout my schooling.

Also, other than instances where I think someone might get seriously offended, I don't usually think of using tact.