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Functions Flipping and Stress


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Dec 27, 2009
First of all, yay for lack of sleep + Adrenalin rush
Secondly, biggest apologies if it's been discussed here.

Now*puts conspiracy theorist hat* I would like to have your opinions. :m107:

IINM I've read somewhere* (and mentioned it probably too many times here) that our functions, during stress, can / would 'flip'. 'flipping' in this case would mean using the bad version of the opposite function. Would this be the case in MBTI!Shadow**? Or is this just me?

If that's the case, could I have some examples? Personally, examples that I've noticed within myself are mostly;
Ni >> Ne; in reality, I became mentally and intellectually lost. I can't seem to pinpoint anything for sure; everything seems 'wrong', or everything seems to have its benefits.
Fe >> Fi; in reality, I became an insecure, self conscious doormat. Nuff said.
Ti >> Te; in reality, I overcriticize others.
Now in both cases, I considered my case to be worse than others because of my INFPness; which would imply that my Fi and Ne were quite developed. And...I can give examples based on these two functions too.
Ne >> Ni ; in reality, I became rushed. Only wanting to get the job done.
Fi >> Fe ; in reality, I whine. A lot.

In this case, I'm considering that developed opposite functions would also gave way into a more comprehensive, complete breakdown, (using RPG analogue, it's like having your strong party member charmed / confused, as opposed to your weaker members) But I can see the opposite arguments too, that developing opposite function would hold the breakdown instead, in terms of handling the functions better than people with less developed functions.

Would developed opposite functions means more messy breakdown, or would it be the opposite, and it holds the breakdown?
Thanks :3

*I honestly forget what article is it (..if it exists); I think it's about shadow :< If anyone know it would be a big help!
**I'm differing between MBTI and Jungian shadow in this case, because Jungian concept of shadow seems more mystical than MBTI.