Four Ways to Fix a Broken Legal System


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I have mixed feelings about his proposals. Common sense is underrated in the legal system, frequently trumped by dull rigidity, emotional appeals, or some combination of the two. But then, having seen firsthand some ridiculous abuses of power and process, I have reservations about granting more trust to the legal authorities.

Only a few things hit me. All of this is from personal experience so please forgive me. I would agree with his trust aspect. I tense up around police officers. I have no reason to (I'm a person who has managed to go through life without a single detention, speeding ticket, or any other infraction), but I do. One of my best friends is a cop. I tense up around him, but not because he's a cop. Sometimes he can be a jerk. <3

I didn't like his dismissal of the hot coffee warning. I bought a cup of coffee from McD's once. That shit is nuclear. I didn't feel the roof of my mouth for two days, and I only took a tiny sip. If they are supposed to be regulating the temperature of the coffee so it's safe, why haven't they? It's a huge cluster fuck and their hands are tied. They aren't going to make money if that coffee isn't scalding hot because some people want it that way. So if McD's doesn't wanna regulate the temperature of the coffee, I have no qualms about old ladies suing for 3rd degree burns. It's a risk.

I didn't mean to turn this into the coffee post, but it's significant if it can still conjure ire in some folks.

I think the way the law is written now, it expects most people to abuse their power. I don't think one person is tougher to take down than a corporation, so I'm all about "trusting the professionals." Of course there are a bunch of hacks out there, but you have to give the ones who aren't room to breathe.