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Favorite PS3 games?

Black Swan

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Sep 28, 2008
I'm really interested in hearing about this since Christmas is coming and I'm sure I'll be looking for new games for my husband. I was hoping FF13 would come out this year but it seems it's going to be much longer. My husband's favorite game right now is Oblivion (which I'm so sick of looking at). So, suggestions?
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Metal Gear Solid 4, if he's into stealth and good movies.
Star Wars the Force Unleashed seems really interesting. I want to play it but dont have the game or console. My friend is always talking about it.
That one would be better as a rental.
Not really, rent force unleashed, it's not a game you play more then once.

Low replay value.
o_O I said Lair, not Liar.

OOOOOOOOOOooooooh. Nevermind then. :m190:
Teehee. No probs. :m129:

And I agree with you, btw.
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Thanks man.
I haven't heard anything good about Lair, and in fact only quite the opposite.
I actually almost bought him Lair last month but a friend talked me into Assassins Creed instead, and a little regretful since all he's been playing is Oblivion.


Has anyone played Legendary or Deadspace? And of course there is Tomb Raider and Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe I've been seeing every 10 minutes on TV.
Dead Space is suppose to be awesome, haven't played it though.

Lair isn't anything spectacular, but it's cool flying around and breathing fire on the masses.
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You bought him oblivion?

You just gave up your own boyfriend.
Husband actually. And it doesn't bother me that he plays it, it's when he's creating a new character for the 10th time and doesn't like something and starts all over. I can't even watch him play it now without falling asleep. At least Lair would be a fun watch.
Yea, Oblivion is highly addictive and nearly endless. Shivering Isles is greatness. Sheogorath cracks me up!!!

Never buy those 100 hour RPGs for someone you live with.

Or like hanging out with. I wouldn't, if they want to drown themselves in a game and deny outside life they can buy it themselves.
Brain pie...yeah, I haven't come across that yet on Oblivion, was probably sleeping.

And actually, he's really good about not playing all the time. We have a toddler and we both work. So, he might play an hour a day regularly if even that. A few hours here and there on the weekend. I'm actually thinking of giving him a kind of gaming coupon book for Christmas too. Like "Go game for 4 hours on me", "Have game night with your friends", etc. I know it sounds silly, but time is a luxury for us.
You are the coolest wife, EVAR.
Thanks, he does the same kind of stuff for me, so it's easy to return the favor.