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ENFP seeks INFJ man in Toronto


Nov 1, 2009
Where does one find you, oh rarest of men? Though you long for that ideal and perfect love, as I do. I meet your standards. I share your values. I'm just what you need - to drag you out into a world of new experience.

Sex, yes please! Sexy indeed, but friends first is what I need.

They only live who dare!
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Are you kidding? INFJ men from Toronto infest this place.

However the men recently decided that they didn't want people coming in here to pick up INFJs. So I'm afraid I have to shut this thread down.
My stats:
INFJ: close enough.
Toronto? Lifelong.
Heterosexual? D'oh!
Interesting that INFJ men should so often mention how difficult it is for them to date, but would want to shut down a rare venue where people not only understand, but indeed seek out, their unique blend of traits.