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Emotional Attachment too fluid (or something like that)


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Dec 27, 2009
Aaaaaaah HALP! Half Emotional Support, half here, but for practical purpose I'll put it here

Have you ever felt like your relationship with people has been too fluid? Too open, too undetermined? Have you ever felt, "Why am I saying this?This is not comfortable for me!!", "You're not that close to me, so why am I talking like this and revealing this and that to you? See, it's pointless. you reject it. You just... don't understand! So why did I say that?" "I'm not too close to him. Why am I depending like this? Why am I reacting like this?"

Half misplaced expectations and half misunderstanding people, the idea of putting relationship into boxes* again has tempted me again. Again and again and oh God does it feel good now.

Questions are, should I? Should I not?
Also, any words on this, perhaps; how are you coping with that, or how are you handling this kind of experiences?

Inputs are definitely be helpful. Thanks X_X

*) Mind you, this isn't hiding myself or lying; more like, knowing my place with them -and- being tact depending on my place with them. In my PoV, that is.
yeah it's tough

i'm dealing with a lot of of this un known area too

so difficult to go into this without any expectations

almost to the point of giving up

so many many people dont even understand love

like a forgotten language