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Do you live for resume virtues or eulogy virtues?

nurturing and inspiring ted talk :m073:
Awesome question. No one will hear my eulogy so I suppose Ill go after resume virtue.
I haven't viewed the video yet, so I'm just responding to the question. I was once obsessed with resume virtues once because that's what mattered. When you're young and that's what you're judged by, it's normal to focus on building resume virtues. At the end of the day, it's great to build up eulogy virtues but in the end, it's probably not an either/or that's important but the spirit in which something is done. Someone who builds up resume virtues so that they can take care of their family and give them a good life is worthy of a good eulogy. Some people can have eulogy worthy attributes on the surface but at their core, they are still not necessarily good people.
Too young, too little time to develop the latter, too stubborn, too contrarian to develop the former. I'm boned either way.