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[INFJ] Do you implement your ignorancy in your judgement?

Do you implement the limitations of your consciousness in your judgment?

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Dec 5, 2012
You can defy other people, just like they can defy you. What is the actual (objective) truth is and always will be a mystery.
Do you implement this acknowledgement of your own consciousness ignorance in your 'cognitive functionality'/'thought process'?
Or do you rather avoid this 'acknowledgement' and be ignorant instead as this ignorance has to little objective significance to you?

I do, but it's typically unecessary to acknowledge openly unless in the context of religious debate.
I suppose I kinda do. I dunno. Maybe I come off as an arrogant jerk trying to pass off as someone smart. I hope I'm not.
I suspect I am largely ignorant of my ignorance.

However, those areas of my ignorance that I am aware of, I certainly try to compensate for by deferring to people more informed in.

I haven't got an artistic bone in my body - so when it comes to decor/etc. I let other people decide and keep my mouth closed.