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Dating an INTJ

Jan 14, 2010
Does anyone here have had dating experiences or have been romantically involved with INTJs? Could you talk about your impressions?
Never have, but from how I get along with them, I'd imagine that if I got involved with the incredibly rare female INTJ we'd totally have a blast.
It depends on who you are, exactly.. and a bit less to do with what mbti type you are.

I dated an INTJ man. He was great, except he was totally uncomfortable with negative emotions. He couldn't handle any disagreement. But I don't think this is typical of all INTJs.

What do you have to offer her?
I am an INFJ and have been with an INTJ for over two years now. I find that while I get emotional very easily, he is great for balancing me out with some logic. However, it gets annoying when I need an emotional response and it seems as if he seemingly doesn't care. It may depend on the person, but I usually feel that I need more reassurance than he does. We clash when we both think that we are right, but we have came more to the point where we will cool off then talk things out.
Overall, it's an amazing relationship. Unlike being around most other people, it's not draining to be around each other and we can talk more freely and share great ideas :) Good luck!