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Dank Memes VS Wallstreet

Roses In The Vineyard

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Jul 11, 2018
They're going to reclassify this as a form of terrorism eventually lol. Hedgefunds are too powerful to let this bullshit continue.
Looks like this is actually illegal (pump and dump scheme).

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Looks like this is actually illegal (pump and dump scheme).

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If they dump it, perhaps. I am not sure that's what is happening here though. There's a class action lawsuit open and Congress somehow has managed to unify and is on the side of the retail traders, so I am very curious to see how this plays out.

I think RobinHood (Citadel), CNBC an the hedge fund reallllllllllllllly fucked themselves up if I am understanding everything that's happened so far.
Also, it's being reported that Citadel reloaded their shorts and then told RobinHood to stop trading GME. They're fucking up bad. I guess they're not used to being caught manipulating the market.
Unfortunately, it looks like Robinhood is selling people's stocks without their consent.
Anyone have a video that they can catch me up on this with?
Guy above says take the money and run but I think too many people are too fucking pissed and they will hold out for a while. I'm very interested to see if this guy is right or not.