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Cultural Similiariteis


Aug 19, 2009
For so many years, so many generations of so many peoples focused on how different they are from others.

We try so hard to differentiate ourselves from others, and give ourselves a name that groups our people and our traditions and culture. We even called ourselves different "races" when in fact, we all belong to one race and that's Human.

The main question is:

What do we have in common with other cultures?

The purpose of this thread is to remind us of how similiar we are, and help us relate to others who come from different backgrounds and places of the world.

I highly encourage you to post something. Do some research if you have to. :p
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I think colonial history has a way of integrating countries with seemingly very different ethnic backgrounds in ways that reflect similar cultural developments or personalities. For example, countries colonized by Britain are strongly influenced through language, educational system, and cultural personality. I am from the English Caribbean, and I think there is a laid back "no problem" quality which is probably similar to Australia's. But we have a slightly more conservative/"victorian" sensibility that was developed from our contact and interaction with England.
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A sense of humour
basic morality, language, basic cultures (hunting, farming, etc)

And patriarchy.