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Crossing Jordan episode that pissed me off.


Shai Gar

Crossing Jordan: Crash

The episode starts with a plane crash. They land in snowy mountains in winter. The locator beacon isn't very strong in the blizzard, which they should have avoided, but didn't. My gripes are as follows:

The once these idiots patched up the main cast, and then the supporting extras (most of whom died on impact, excepting one black pilot who survived to die later). Once that was done they did not immediately go throughout the plane to look for survival gear, but sat in the windchill of the broken plane. Later on "Bucky" the studmuffin dipshit cop says "I'll go build a fire", and Jordan, ever orgasming over this retard says breathily "oh, you're such a boy scout". He then shoots a wad of cum that is arrogant stoicism all over her bukkake begging face saying "Troop 1125" or some such crap.

He builds a fucking fire.

In a survival situation, where the snow is incredibly deep and strongly packed on the ground, you burrow a snowcave with the entrance out of the direction of the wind. Snow is reflective, warm, keeps the wind off... all around, it's a good temporary building material that would keep them safe.

I was a Goddamn Scout. I was also a Goddamn army cadet. Holy Shit! I've spent about 9 cumulative hours in the snow. 9 hours out of my entire goddamned life. That's 9hr/223380hr goddamn it. I'm not a goddamn snow monkey that "used to go hunting with my father in deep woods, and occasionally we'd get bad weather like this". HE OUGHT TO KNOW BETTER!

There are mostly doctors on board that plane. One of them is a supposed ENTP (Nigel). They should have known that the windchill would have killed them in the night by driving them to sleep and then freezing them to death. So what do they do? Token black guy. He can look after the fire (the fire that's conveniently outside about 20m from the plane), of course, he was an extra, so he was doomed from the start. Goodbye Ensign Ricky, they'll tell your son you loved him. After all, your sole purpose was to save the plane so they'd survive, and then inject some warmth into the show with your smiling brats photo so they could make the audience feel bad when you died.


Am I the only person who reads SAS survival books? I must have read about 6 different SAS survival guides, 3 Scouts Survival guides, and a few USA ones. They always mention getting out of the damned windchill. They always mention snowcaves.

I'm pretty sure most of the shows never actually make it to being realistic. It's all about the cinema; suuure, in real life they'd all die, but what about the drama?!
Screw drama. Real life has enough of it. They don't need to forget about biological science in a doctor show just to create it.
The people who write television shows know nothing about wilderness survival or usually any other topic they're writing on.
But surely they could pay an expert to come in and look at the goddamn episode before they air it.
Writers are too lazy.