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Create a Character.


Shai Gar

If you were sent to live in the DnD world for the rest of your life. What PC from either 3.5 or 4 would you prefer to live out your life as? You'd enter the world as a level 12 character.

Use as much of this as you want to, to create your Dungeons and Dragons character:

Include your stats, your backstory, your class, multiclass or paragon or whatever. Flesh it out.
Custom class allowed?
This is boring. I've created more than 50 characters for DnD as a player, and I don't even remember how many npc's as a Dm.

How about we create an exaggerated image of ourselves as Window characters? Where we can use abilities and spells that don't exist?

Edit: Fuck it I'll start a new thread and post an example. Let the other members learn about DnD here.
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Then nah.