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Collectivistic Cultures prefer Fe?


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Aug 12, 2016
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What I find interesting about the differences between Western cultures like the US vs. Eastern cultures like Japan is the tendency of Individualism vs. Collectivism, both having their pros and cons. So, with that and the video in mind, do you think Western Cultures tend to have more Fi users and Eastern Cultures like Japan Fe? Or collectivism prefers feeling types in general? Or perhaps this preference applies to the culture in general and the distribution of MBTIs individually are the same. The way collectivism is explained sounds much like Fe, putting others or the group over yourself, etc. The MBTI distribution shown on the Myers Briggs website was taken from the US. What are all your thoughts?
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Having lived in Japan before, I recognized everything this man described in his video. However, I don't think Western Cultures tend to have more Fi users, but more that Fi users are the norm in Western society? Same goes with Fe users for collectivist cultures. There are still a lot of feeling types in the West, and, although maybe repressed, individual types in the East. Because of the particular society people grow up in, they're basically taught how to act, regardless if they have Fe of Fi. A person with Fe in the West may have a lot of individuality as well, and a person with Fi in the East also may have learned to think of the group too instead of only him/herself.

Like the man in the video said though, both the West and the East are a little bit extreme on their respective individualistic and collectivist societies. It would be nice if a country like Japan, without taking away all the good things that come with collectivism, were to be more accepting of people who like to express their individuality. It would also be nice if Western countries would tone down their over-the-top individualism and be more caring of others.
I liked the video. It was interesting. I have had the chance to get to know quite a lot of Japanese people in the U.K. over a number of years. From what I have heard the thing about the collectivist culture in Japan is definitely true, they are extremely ingratiating as a people. The Japanese I have known living here long term though, I have seen to be very individualistic, with very strong personalities and convictions...and at the same time, in no way any way less ingratiating, just more outwardly individualistic. However, there seems to remain a taciturn, diplomatic reserve, as far as I can tell, always.
I like the collectivist vibe found in Spain . At the shops strangers refer to you as if you were a family member, the language is spiced with terms of endearment. It brings to my mind Fe, because it comes across as jovial, warm and 'immediate' expression, which feels candid and therefore emotional. It makes me feel like a different person speaking the language because it almost demands you to be more self expressive....Well I've found anyway, also just purely the language feels more expressive. I suppose there are various elements involved in this 'Fe-ness'.