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Carl Jung's demon spawn and the Persona Series


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Nov 20, 2008
I don't know if any of you have ever played any of the Persona series from Atlus, but their newest installment, "Persona 4" is pure gold. The other ones took notes from Jung and other sources to make frightening interpretations of madness and psychological demons and gods (as opposed to most JRPG's having literal external demons running around), but Persona 4 may have actually been co-produced by a summoned and bound Carl Jung's ghost.

Not going to go into an indepth thing about it here, but the whole game it amazing, and to an analytical introvert, is full of astounding insight and inspiration.

DO NOT READ THE WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE ON THIS GAME if you have any intention of playing it. Their section on "Plot" ruins a large chunk of the storyline, making the shattering revelations at certain points only slightly jarring.
I'd like for you to expand on what you mean by this. I have only played Persona 3: FES and I don't think I've seen the link to Jung psychology.
Is this a PC game or a console game?

Where can I find it I'd like to take a look. Do you recommend finding the first game and starting there or can I just jump in at Persona 4?