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Bioshock Infinite--Early Thoughts Anyone?

Detective Conan

Doesn't Cast Shadows
Jun 9, 2009
So, for the video game-aware members of the forum, this is more or less a topic devoted to discussing impressions, thoughts, hopes, et cetera regarding 2K Games's newest project, Bioshock Infinite. Irrational Games will be developing this title, as they did with Bioshock (Irrational had little to do with Bioshock 2, a project which they only contributed character and environmental art assets). The latest chapter of the Bioshock franchise leaps out of the ocean, leaving Rapture behind (rather ahead) and introduces players to Columbia, a city in the clouds (Star Wars, anyone?).

Big differences this time around:
  • MC has a personality and voice of his own this time
  • Story takes place in 1912, before the events of Bioshock.
  • Columbia instead of Rapture

So, Forum, what are your initial impressions on the latest installment to the Bioshock franchise?

Trailer: [ame=""]YouTube- PC Gamer - Bioshock Infinite announcement trailer[/ame]
It looks fantastic.

Although I'm kind of saddened that they've moved on from dieselpunk to true steampunk. The early twentieth century look was pretty neat. Still, I'm very optimistic about Infinite.

Although, I am a little bothered by how this is something like the third or fourth game that's going to be running on the System Shock plot of fantastic isolated location with crazy enemies and weaponised magic in the background. It's beginning to get a little old, but it's worked out pretty well so far, so I guess it's still worth it as long as the dialogue and gameplay are great.

I also think it's good that they aren't going back to Rapture. I think Bioshock 2 really squeezed the very last drops out from that place. I don't know how they're going to justify using "magic" in a floating city though. Maybe the girl's blood lets you use plasmids or something.