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Shai Gar

I am looking for a book:

Title: History of Australia
Author: Rusden, G. W. (George William)
Publishers: Chapman and Hall, London.
Published: 1883, 1897
Notes: Three Volumes. Ferguson number 15219

I have been after this book since October 22nd, 2005. I just got a lead on it today. Can anyone in this Ancient Great City help me find this?
Chapman and Hall was sold a few times to eventually be owned by CRC Press.

It is a Hardcover, Obviously... Maybe you might know some used book stores?
It has been republished in the last ten years by Nabu Press.

You can also get 1st editions for about $40/vol.

Look on - select the rarebook dropdown on the main search and enter the keywords: history australia rusden.

Good luck.
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